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Automobile Dealership Tracking Study
Designed to accurately capture your consumers' top of mind perception of their automotive shopping choices.
Answers three basic marketing questions:

How differentiated are you?


  Identify and monitor the position of your dealer group vis-a-vis the competition.

How can you be more relevant?


  Understand the factors that help you increase consideration of your brand

Are your programs working hard enough?


  Monitor the measures that indicate the effectiveness of your marketing programs.

Basic Study

Conducted regionally in a number of markets


400 Surveys of persons intending to buy a new vehicle each quarter.

Continuous Telephone Interviewing:

- Questionnaire uniquely designed to accurately measure consumer attitudes,
  opinions and preferences.

  - Questionnaire structured to track the key indicators of your marketing efforts.

Quarterly Reporting:

- Analysis and reporting geared specifically for your Dealer Group.

- Telegraphic reporting with insightful interpretation
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